July 14, 2010

Fun with the Bontragers!

 We had such a great visit with the Bontrager family!! They arrived Monday evening and left early on Wednesday. Tuesday night, the concert went very well, and there was a good crowd. Enjoy the pictures!
    They sang together beautifully!

Quoting from Ephesians 6

THIS was a very impressive demonstration of working together!! 

An intense game of Dutch Blitz :)


Benjamin enjoyed having lots of playmates. :)

Pancakes....at Midnight!?!!???!   LOL!
Pancakes, chocolate milk, Settlers of Catan = good times!!

Thank you, Bontragers, for all the fun and fellowship! You all are a great blessing. Press on for HIM!



  1. Our family was abundantly blessed by the Bontrager family and the fellowship that followed. Thank you for encouraging them to come to Stratford.

  2. Please tell us about the game being played in the last photo. We haven't seen that one.

  3. The game is Settlers of Catan. We play our own version, which is a fast version taught to us by another family, makes it a LOT more fun, not so slow.